Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dear Lana - One Year

Dear Lana,

Well, here we are!  You are now a big, bubbly one year old, and suddenly I am the mama of a toddler.  You are looking more grown up every day, sporting new hairstyles and wearing real shoes while you work on your walking.  You finally decided to really crawl last week; I think you were a little frustrated with not being quite ready to walk and just wanted to get places, fast!  You combined that new skill with learning to pull/push up and perfected your cruising skills, all within days of each other.  Like you love to do!  You are getting more and more steady every day and I think you will be ready to really walk well before we are ready for it!  You have taken a few tumbles and even got your first goose-egg on your forehead, but you generally just need a good hug and a little cry and you are ready to get back to it.  It's a little nervewracking to watch you wobble, but so awesome to see you learn and begin to be able to catch yourself.

We've had some "lasts" here lately, along with all the "firsts".  You had your last ride in the baby swing, your last jump in your jumpy toy, and your last walk in the walk-around play area we had.  I can tell a couple more are quickly approaching:  your changing table will need to go soon due to lots of rolling and fearless curiosity, and you can get yourself out of the Bumbo (which makes hair-styling time interesting). 

Your vocabulary is growing all the time, and you continue to be a great mimic.  Even if you can't say the words we say, you will mimic our inflection and sometimes the sounds of the word or phrase.  You also switch consonants often, even though you can say the correct one.  For instance, you use the "n" sound all the time, but prefer to call a "nap" a "bap".  It is so fun and exciting to communicate more with you as you learn.  I am also learning just how much of a Southern accent I have when I hear you repeat it back to me! Ha!!  You love to read, but currently you especially like to turn to the last page and say "THE END!"  You've even said "the end" a couple times when you've finished a bottle!

Last night, as I rocked you before bed, I told you yet again the story of our travels to Utah, how we met you, and our first days as a family.  I have always loved telling you the story, but I especially love how you listen now, and make sounds like you are participating in the conversation.  Your favorite part right now is when I tell you all the things you couldn't do yet (roll over, sit up, say words) and we laugh together - now that you're a big kid and all! ;)  I tell you all about Roseanna and how very much she loved you, and loves you.  She told us she plans to call today to sing "happy birthday" to you, and I know you will love that.  I hope as you grow you are proud of your story.  We are glad you will know it all, and pray that you will always know how fiercely loved you are by so many.

Miss Lana Rose Queen, it is an absolute joy and deep honor to be your mama.  I will never stop being thankful and in awe that we were chosen to be your parents.  I honestly never thought I would enjoy being a mom this much, and I think it's all because of who I get to parent!  You are fun, tender, sensitive, silly, inquisitive, SO smart, and full of big feelings that you don't hesitate to show. The other day at brunch a waitress told us we were so lucky to be your parents.  I wholeheartedly agree. You are my precious, treasured daughter and I love you so very much.


Your very first picture!

Super posed, and a little cheesy, but this will always be one my of most treasured pictures.

Already giving Daddy the stink eye at two days old!

You love this hat, and also love this horn from our NYE parties!

Daddy thought he might get you to nap...

First chicken wing!  haha!  Super Bowl Party, Daddy thought it was as good a time as any!
Happy to be awake!

At Alec's birthday party!

First time seeing bubbles!

Super cool, big kid style.  Note the discarded baby walker toy in the background. ;)

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